We want YOU in our CLAN

  • Regularly progressed training programs
  • Access anywhere in the world
  • Online community
  • Online coaching via our mobile app and website
  • Challenges, recipes and personal interaction and accountability from your Kilted Coaches
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What is the Kilted Coaches Clan? +

By joining our Clan you will get access to our App and membership website. Each month you will get a fresh new workout designed around a specific theme which is then progressed each week to ensure your fitness is moving forward.

We compliment each of these workouts with our Nutrition Triangle. Although our more in-depth food coaching takes place in our other programs the Nutrition Triangle nails down the basics that most people often forget.

In addition to this (and where most of the magic happens) you will also get access to our private Google community where you'll have the support of other Clan members as well as interaction from your Kilted Coaches.

All of this for less than $5 per week

In addition to everything mentioned above you also get designated coaching tools within our App and Website. These tools will help to mould your results by creating a graphs and tables or your results.

You'll also receive a monthly challenge on top of your normal workout to add in another dimension to your training progressions.

Who is the Clan for? +

The Clan is suitable for most fitness levels from absolute beginner to advanced but more specifically the Clan is for those who:

  • Like to see continuous improvements to keep them motivated and on track. We never promise overnight success but if you're willing to stick to the program we guarantee you'll see regular progression with your stats.


  • Like to follow a guided program designed by experienced professionals. If you sometimes don't understand exercise names or format and like to watch videos of the workouts.  You will be able to watch all of your workouts and train along with the Kilted Coaches via our website and mobile app.


  • Want to be able to ask questions and interact with other members.  Our designated Google community is strictly Clan members only. You can interact with other members, ask for help and guidance and even offer support yourself. Your Kilted Coaches will also be in there to help moderate the group and answer more difficult questions.
Our Promise +


The Kilted Coaches have been running professional personal training businesses since 2005. Stephen and Rab know what it takes to get into shape and have got over a decade of experience to back it up.


Our reputation is built on the results we deliver. We've been doing this long enough to know what works and what doesn't so you can be assured that each program we deliver was created for success.


The CLAN will always be delivered with an underlying element missing from most training plans.... FUN. Never take yourself too seriously. Life is just a big game if you want it to be so let's start playing to win.

Pricing +

By joining the Clan you get monthly workouts with weekly progressions.

Clan Community support (and shenanigans) forum.

Basic Nutrition Guidance.

In App coaching for your designated goal.

Monthly Challenges to keep things fun and interesting.

Plus loads more as the months roll on.

All of this for just $20 per month.


You can cancel at any point in the future by emailing us at enquiries@thekiltedcoaches.com

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