Coconut Porridge – 52 ways to do porridge.

Fifty two ways to do porridge, this week Coconut heaven Crazy coconut Crazy coconut porridge Right, let’s get stuck in. So, instead of using hot water we’re going to use some coconut milk Crazy coconut milk Crazy coconut milk So, coconut is full of medium chain triglycerides which have just got all sorts of health…

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Planning Your Weight Loss Success

We are the kilted coaches and today we are going to talk about planning your weight loss success. So for your weight loss success we are going to break it down. What are you trying to achieve? Absolutely, that long term goal, why are you watching this video in the first place? What is that…

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52 ways to do PORRIDGE – Peanut Butter

Fifty-two ways to do porridge, this week Peanut butter. Because everybody loves porridge and everybody loves peanut butter So we just mashed them together, right? We’re just going to put the two together. Let’s get this done So, everyone has their own way of doing things, we’ve got our way. Yep, so what we like…

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Who are the Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches have a wealth of knowledge on all things health and fitness. With over a decade of experience in personal training and coaching Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields noticed that the individuals who were more relaxed and enjoyed their life seemed to get better results and more importantly were able to maintain them.…

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