The LEaN Formula (Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition) is a coaching system created over 10 years of personal training and coaching yielding breath-taking results.

'LEaN 5' Weight Loss WebinarTake a seat and watch our 30 minute webinar replay


Nutrition will either make or break your success. It's time you learned the fundamentals of good eating habits and why it's important to eat MORE and not less.


Learn and apply the three fundamental principles that are essential for lean muscle development, burning fat and changing your body shape.


We understand that sometimes you know what to do but you just don't do it. Keep your motivation high, your mind clear and your results coming by understanding the importance of mindful attention.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a protein smoothie or even a wee dram and join us on our LEaN 5 webinar replay.

Discover the LEaN formula that has been working for our clients for over 10 years. You may find that you have to do LESS exercise and eat MORE to get the result you are looking for. Join the 'LEaN 5' free workshop and find out for yourself.

Inside: We explain the exact strategy we used to take our client from lifetime Yo-Yo dieter and ever increasing weight to the body that she never thought was possible and the energy and motivation to sustain it.

'LEaN 5' WorkshopTake a seat and watch our 30 minute webinar replay

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

“As a man in his 50s I found it very difficult to achieve a respectable weight. Since training with The Kilted coaches I have been slowly building my core strength and losing excess fat and gaining muscle. Their check-ins ensure I take regular exercise and keeps me motivated, something I found very difficult to do on my own. No hesitation in recommending The Kilted Coaches as your solution to getting in shape and staying there.”

Mike Thomson Client

These guys are more than just coaches. They are mentors, a huge part of my support network and now friends.

Claire Client

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